Bible Study Groups

We have a group for everyone!

  • Intergenerational Ministry is one of our newest Sunday School offerings. This class is designed for grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren — everyone! — who want to study the stories of the Bible together to  find new traits and truths to use every day.
  • The New Class is, well, our newest adult Sunday School class. Led by Rev. Renae Haiduk, this class will be studying the Book of James.
  • The Seekers returns for adults who want to study the scriptures  through current events.
  • All-Ages Confirmation is for youth (6th grade) and adults who want to study what is means to be a Methodist. Did the Methodist Church really start because of some holier-than-thou teenagers? Come find out!
  • Free-Holies is our newest young adults class looking at how to apply the Bible to our busy lives.

All of our Sunday School class will begin at 9:45 am each Sunday. There will be plenty of wayfinding signs so you know exactly where your class will be on Sunday morning. We’re excited to see you!